PREPARED at the UNESCO Headquarters

August 2023 Prof. Doris Schroeder and Dr Nadia Kornioti, UCLan Cyprus In June 2023, 50 PREPARED members and distinguished invite-only guests travelled to Paris for a 3-day conference. We were lucky enough to be hosted at the UNESCO headquarters by Chief of Bioethics Dr Dafna Feinholz and her very efficient staff — a special thanks […]

Policy Briefs, the PREPARED way

September 2023 Prof. Doris Schroeder, professor of Moral Philosophy at University of Central Lancashire in Cyprus, and Dr Michael Makanga, Executive Director of the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership . . Policy briefs come in two main forms – advocacy policy briefs, which argue for a particular course of action, and overview or […]

Empathy in science: Ethics of Care in the Philippines

July 2023 Prof. Fatima Alvarez-Castillo is the former Dean of University of the Philippines Manila, and a gender and equity specialist. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, almost one fourth of Filipino families lived below the poverty line. Over half of Filipinos considered themselves food insecure. About 17 million lived in slums, many in shanties, in one small room where […]

What will the PREPARED values be?

Image par WOKANDAPIX de Pixabay

June 2023 Doris Schroeder, Vilma Lukaševičienė, Kate Chatfield, Natalie Evans, Eugenijus Gefenas Many legal documents and ethics codes include moral values or principles. For instance, dignity, equal rights, freedom, justice and peace are the values introducing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948). The TRUST Code (2018) for equitable research partnerships is founded upon fairness, respect, care and honesty […]

The TRUST Code — Research equity gets a new name

June 2023 In 2018, the TRUST consortium launched the Global Code of Conduct for Research in Resource-Poor Settings in the European Parliament. Five years later and the Code is successfully used all over the world to promote equitable research partnerships, having been adopted across the research cycle by funders (e.g. European Commission), research organisations and publishers (e.g. NATURE).  © […]

Should new trials be started during military conflicts?

May 2023 Dr Aliukonis is a practising doctor-surgeon and a former clinical research specialist for the Lithuanian Bioethics Committee. He teaches medical ethics at Vilnius University. The outbreak of war introduces unforeseen challenges for clinical trials, whether they are already underway or in development. Military conflicts can cause supply chain disruptions, challenges in recruiting and […]

Under pressure: research needs in a sudden crisis

April 2023 Lisa Tambornino is a researcher and research manager at EUREC, the European Network of Research Ethics Committees. Carly Seedall is a research analyst at EUREC, focused on cross-national research ethics. Reliable research is always important. But it is especially important in a global crisis. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, decision-makers knew […]

Another world is possible – Farewell to Dr Vasantha Muthuswamy

March 2023 Prof. Doris Schroeder is the Co-ordinator of the TRUST and the PREPARED projects. She first met Dr Vasantha at a meeting in Delhi in 2008. They have been collaborating ever since.  Dr Nandini Kumar is the Vice-President of FERCI, and one of Dr Vasantha’s closest and most long-term colleagues.  In 2003, Indian author […]