Our Team

Co-ordinated by UCLAN CYPRUS

Prof. Doris Schroeder is Coordinator of the PREPARED project and Professor of Moral Philosophy at UCLan Cyprus, School of Law. She is also the lead author of Global Code of Conduct for Research in Resource-Poor Settings.
Dr Nadia Kornioti specialises in Public International Law. She has experience in advocacy, policy and project implementation with public institutions and NGOs in Cyprus and internationally.
Nadia Kornioti
David Robinson is an award-winning illustrator and designer.
David Robinson
Dr Christos Karpasitis is an Assistant Professor of Digital Media at UCLan Cyprus and an Audiovisual Designer/Producer
Christos Karpasitis

European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership - EDCTP

Dr Thomas Nyirenda is the Executive Director of the EDCTP. He is a physician with experience in planning and implementing community disease control programs, operational research and clinical trials in Africa.
Thomas Nyirenda
Dr Michelle Singh is a Project Officer at EDCTP South Africa. Michelle worked at the South African Medical Research Council where she managed maternal and child health research studies and clinical trials, with a strong focus on prevention of perinatal HIV transmission.
Michelle Singh


Dafna Feinholz is the Chief of Bioethics and Ethics of Science and Technology at UNESCO, with high COVID-19 educational response.
Dafna Feinholz
Irakli Khodeli

European Network of Research Ethics Committees - EUREC

Research Analyst at EUREC, interdisciplinary social scientist, focused on cross-national research ethics.
Carly Seedall
Prof. Dirk Lanzerath is the grant holder for PREPARED and the Secretary General of EUREC, a group advising Europe-based research ethics committees, including on COVID-19
Dirk Lanzerath
Lisa is a researcher and research manager at EUREC, expert in research ethics and research integrity, involved in various EU projects on ethics.
Lisa Tambornino

VU University Medical Center - VUMC

Prof. Mariëtte van den Hoven is Professor of Ethics, Law & Medical at Amsterdam UMC.
Mariëtte van den Hoven
Dr Natalie Evans is an assistant professor at VUMC's Faculty of Ethics, Law and Medical Humanities. She is a social scientist with over 10 years of research experience spanning public health and medical anthropology.
Natalie Evans
Giulia Inguaggiato
Clàudia Pallisé is a PhD Candidate at VUMC's Faculty of Ethics, Law & Humanities.
Clàudia Pallisé Perelló

Partners for Health and Development in Africa - PHDA

Dr Joshua Kimani is the Clinical Director of PHDA, a clinical epidemiologist by training who serves a cohort of around 40,000 sex workers in and around Nairobi.
Joshua Kimani
Joyce Adhiambo Odhiambo is an HIV champion and peer educator at PHDA, supporting research involving 40,000 sex workers in and around Nairobi.
Joyce Adhiambo
Iddah Akinyi is a Contemporary/Conceptual photographer based in Nairobi, Kenya. She studied Communication and Journalism at Maasai Mara University.
Iddah Akinyi

Research and Information System for Developing Countries - RIS

Professor Sachin Chaturvedi is Director General at the Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS), a New Delhi-based Think-Tank associated with the Indian government.
Sachin Chaturvedi
Dr. Muthuswamy retired as the Senior Deputy Director General and Chief of Division of Basic Medical Sciences, Traditional medicine & Bioethics and Division of Reproductive Health & Nutrition from Indian Council of Medical Research. She is a WHO Fellow at the Kennedy Institute for Ethics.
Vasantha Muthuswamy
Dr Nandini Jumar is Vice President of FERCI, involved with ethics of COVID-19 research also as Chair DSMB for traditional medicine
Nandini Kumar
Dr. Krishna Ravi Srinivas is Senior Fellow and Consultant at RIS. He was a Fulbright Fellow at University of Pennsylvania, Visiting Scholar at University of Indiana, Post-Doctoral Fellow at South Center, Geneva and Visiting Faculty, IIM-B.
Ravi Srinivas

Finnish National Board on Research Integrity - TENK

Dr Sanna Kaisa Spoof is Secretary General of the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity and Chair of the European Network of Research Integrity Offices
Anni Sairio is Senior Coordinator at the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity TENK, and she works in national research integrity governance in Finland. She is Lead Editor of ENRIO’s upcoming bulletin Research Integrity Practice in Europe.
Anni Sairio
Kalle Videnoja

Fudan University - FDU

Prof. Wei Zhu is a professor of bioethics at FDU, the Vice-Chair of Shanghai Ethics Committee for Clinical Research, and sits on the Board of Directors Chinese Society for Bioethics
Wei Zhu
Linzi Zhu is the Secretary of Shanghai Ethics Committee for Clinical Research and Research Assistant of FDU PREPARED project.
Linzi Zhu

Vilnius University - VU

Prof. Eugenijus Gefenas is Head of the Centre for Health Ethics at Vilnius University, and Chairman of EUREC
Eugenijus Gefenas
Vilma Lukaseviciene
Jūratė Lekstutienė
Dr Aliukonis is a practising doctor-surgeon and a former clinical research specialist for the Lithuanian Bioethics Committee. He teaches medical ethics at VU.
Vygintas Aliukonis

University of the Witwatersrand - WITS

Pamela Andanda is a professor at WITS Law School, a top 2 league table university in Africa. South Africa is the worst hit African country by COVID-19.
Pamela Andanda
Langelihle Mlotshwa is a public health researcher with over 10 years of research experience within the public health sphere.
Langelihle Mlotshwa

Associated partner: University of Central Lancashire - UCLan

Dr Kate Chatfield is Deputy Director of the Centre for Professional Ethics at UCLan, and Editor in Chief for the academic journal Research Ethics
Kate Chatfield
Dr Hazel Partington, UCLan, Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Doctoral supervisor and senior lecturer in research methodologies, ethics and governance at postgraduate level. Doctorate in Education focussed on Transformative Learning in online settings.
Hazel Partington


Prof. Stephanie Laulhe-Shaelou is Professor of European Law and Reform and founder of the civil society organisation ICLAIM. She promotes fundamental rights and social justice at the international level and was awarded the European Citizen 2020 Prize.
Stephanie Laulhe-Shaelou
Andreas Marcou
Dr Josephina Antoniou is ICLAIM's resident expert in the ethics in emerging technologies, an author and participates in the Cyprus National Bioethics Committee.
Josephina Antoniou
Dr Katerina Kalaitzaki is a lecturer in EU Business Law at UClan Cyprus, specialising in EU citizenship and fundamental values during crises, including during Covid-19.
Katerina Kalaitzaki
Katerina Antoniou
Dr Nearchos Paspallis is the head of the School of Sciences at UCLan Cyprus and a resident expert at ICLAIM. His research includes mobile human computer interaction, and the use of mobile interactive experiences for learning and teaching.
Nearchos Paspallis
Nicos Kasenides is ICLAIM’s Officer and Developer. He is a PhD student in Computing at UCLan Cyprus and a software engineer
Nicos Kasenides

Seoul National university - SNU

Prof. Ock Joo Kim is the Chair of the Department of the History of Medicine and Medical Humanities of SNU, and an expert on vaccine ethics.
Ock Joo Kim
Young Su Park

Foundations Global value Alliance - FGVA

Prof. Dr. Dres. h.c. Klaus Leisinger is the President of the FGVA and former personal advisor on corporate responsibility to Kofi Annan and Ban Ki Moon.
Klaus Leisinger
Karin Schmitt

Trilateral Research Ireland - TRI IE

Dr Orla Drummond is a human rights lawyer and senior research analyst at Trilateral Research Ireland. She is an expert in the rights of young people in society.
Orla Drummond
Dr Sean Travers is a research impact officer at Trilateral Research Ireland. She works on communication for PREPARED and its sister project IRECS. She has a PhD in English, which focused on Trauma and Popular Culture.
Sean Travers


Dr med François Bompart is Chair of the Access Committee for the Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative
Prof. Charles Weijer is Professor of Medicine, Epidemiology & Biostatistics, and Philosophy at Western University in London, Canada. He is a leading expert in the ethics of randomized controlled trials.
Prof Charles Weijer
Western University
Dr Carleigh Krubiner is the Bioethics Lead for the Wellcome Trust. Her primary research areas have included the ethics of health priority setting, gender and health, research in LMICs, and the responsible and equitable inclusion of pregnant persons in biomedical research.
Dr Carleigh Krubiner
Wellcome Trust
Dr Katherine Littler, World Health Organization, is the Co-Unit Head Global Health Ethics and Governance Unit, a member of the Ethics & COVID-19 Working Group, and a co-founder of the Pandemic Ethics Network.
Dr Katherine Littler
World Health Organization
Dr Raffaella Ravinetto is the Head of the Department of Public Health at the Antwerp Institute of Tropical Medicine and Chair of the Ethics Review Board of Médecins Sans Frontières
Dr Raffaella Ravinetto
IRB Institute of Tropical Medicine
Dr Shunzo Majima, Tokio Institute of Technology, expert in ethics of engineering, science and society
Dr Shunzo Majima
Tokio IT
Dr Johannes Rath is an International Biorisk Management Advisor for the European Commission, UN, and OSCE. He teaches ethics, safety and security at the University of Vienna as Senior Safety Officer, and responsible for the implementation of COVID-19 measures.
Dr Johannes Rath
University of Vienna
Prof. Fatima Alvarez-Castillo is the former Dean of University of the Philippines Manila, and is a gender and equity specialist.
Prof Fatima Alvarez-Castillo
University of Philippines
Prof Angus Dawson is a world-leading expert on vaccine and public health ethics. He has extensive experience of collaborative policy work related to ethics, including for WHO and national bodies in Australia, Canada and the UK.
Prof Angus Dawson
National University of Singapore
Dr Fritz Schmuhl is an Executive Publisher in Springer Nature’s Mathematics, Physical and Applied Sciences Journal Division
Fritz Schmuhl
Springer Nature
Dr Sally Dalton-Brown is Dean of Academic Programmes at University of Melbourne Little Hall. She is an expert of RRI and Russian language.
Dr Sally Dalton-Brown
University of Melbourne Little Hall
Dr Jantina de Vries is Associate Professor in Bioethics at the Department of Medicine of the University of Cape Town. Her work focuses on developing ethical best practice for genomics research in Africa.
Dr Jantina de Vries
University of Cape Town
Emma Law is the Clinical Quality Assurance Manager at Protas, a UK non-profit combining trial design consultancy with digital infrastructure to deliver efficient randomized controlled trials addressing public health needs.
Emma Law
Dr Michael Makanga is the Executive Director of the Global Health EDCTP3 Joint Undertaking, and a clinician-scientist from Uganda with 25 years of professional experience working on health and poverty-related diseases in sub-Saharan Africa.
Dr Michael Makanga
Dr João Monteiro is the Chief Editor of NATURE Medicine
Dr João Monteiro