The TRUST Code — Research equity gets a new name

In 2018, the TRUST consortium launched the Global Code of Conduct for Research in Resource-Poor Settings in the European Parliament. Five years later and the Code is successfully used all over the world to promote equitable research partnerships, having been adopted across the research cycle by funders (e.g. European Commission), research organisations and publishers (e.g. NATURE). 

© Stelios Kouloglou 

On 7th June 2023, at a champagne reception in the UNESCO headquarters, the code received a new name. As Dr Michael Makanga, the Executive Director of the EDCTP, a co-author and early adopter of the code, explained at the reception: 

“The code is five years old, and we have received nothing but praise for it. The only concerns ever raised were about the name, in particular the phrase ‘resource-poor’ in the title. Speaking on behalf of the TRUST consortium and the code adopters, it’s a great pleasure that we can rename the code today. To future successes for The TRUST Code – A Global Code of Conduct for Equitable Research Partnerships.”

To the applause of the PREPARED team, which includes a number of TRUST colleagues and co-authors of the code, the name change was confirmed in Paris. 

As the lead author of the TRUST code and the Co-ordinator of PREPARED, Prof. Doris Schroeder, said: 

“There are many new adopters of the TRUST code in the pipeline, may the new name inspire even more research stakeholders to commit to fairness, respect, care and honesty and to equitable research partnerships in international research.” 

Read the TRUST code below: