An app for ethics in times of crisis

May 2024

Dr Nearchos Paspallis and Dr Sean Travers


It feels as if our world is plagued by crisis after crisis: pandemics, wars and climate change, to name just a few. We cannot eliminate crisis but we can get better prepared to mitigate the impact of future crises.

Preparing for the next crisis requires training

Can training be engaging, interactive and conveniently packaged so that you can easily access it anytime and anywhere? The answer is yes!

Launched by Joao Monteiro, the Chief Editor of NATURE Medicine, on 22 May 2024, the PREPARED app is here.


The app contains two types of training materials: case studies which encourage transformative learning and short courses.

The material is designed to be informative and scientifically grounded whilst challenging the users to question their own assumptions and potentially come to new conclusions.

At the moment, the app contains three case scenarios and one short course, ‘Ethics in 45 minutes’. In the case scenarios, you can reflect on human challenge trials, the use of AI in crisis situations and difficult decisions for research ethics committees during COVID-19. Over the Northern hemisphere summer, two more case studies and an additional short course called ‘The TRUST Code in 30 minutes’ will be added.

Interactive features

The app has been developed with input and guidance from training authors. As a result, special interactive features were developed to support the case studies.

For instance, content commonly includes designer-made videos to increase engagement. Polls prompt users to record their own thinking and feedback allows users to see how their choice compares with others. Specially designed screens are also used to increase engagement (e.g. by simulating a dialogue as a chat).

Getting the app

We look forward to seeing users try out the app, which is publicly available as of today. You can get the app on Google Play and on the AppStore.

The app is developed for both Android and iPhone/iPad devices. This maximises its outreach, as Android is presently the most widely used platform with more than 3 billion active devices, followed by iPhones and iPads with another 1 billion active devices.

Contact us

If you have any feedback, we would love to hear from you. Contact the chief developer at: