About the App

The purpose of the PREPARED App is to provide a digital platform to complement the training in terms of research ethics and integrity decision-making during global crises. This is achieved by integrating with illuminative case studies that enable transformative learning. 

The app is developed for the two most popular and common smartphone platforms: Android and iOS.




Privacy Policy

This policy explains how we approach and protect your privacy in relation to i) the PREPARED App mobile application software (App), once you have downloaded or streamed a copy of the App onto your mobile telephone or handheld device, and ii) any of the services accessible through the App (Services).   

Please note that we do not collect or store any of your personal data or track your usage of the App and the Services in any way. We do not use any cookies on our App and Services. 

However, we want to bring to your attention that you might need to create an account, or login your account with App Store or Playstore (Application Stores) to download or stream the App and Services. You acknowledge that your personal data may be processed by the Application Stores, and that you will be subject to their own privacy policies in relation to such processing. We have no control over this, therefore we request that if you do not wish to share your personal data with the Application Stores, please refrain from downloading or interacting with the Application Stores. 

Please note that you should not include any personal data related to an identifiable person in any content you might upload on the App and Services. You should refrain from sharing, uploading, displaying, or sending your or any other person’s personal data to us, in the App and/or Services. 

Contact Us

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