PREPARED public engagement: the experience of patients with research during the COVID-19 pandemic

Recruitmentt study summary


The COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult for researchers to conduct studies quickly and fairly. Social distancing required changes to many studies, and a lot of non-COVID-19 research was delayed or cancelled. This created challenges for everyone involved, including participants, researchers, drug companies, and the public.
Study Goal
This study aims to understand patients’ experiences and views on research done during the COVID-19 pandemic. By joining this study, you can a) share your experiences as a research participant during the pandemic, b) voice your concerns about doing research during crises like the pandemic and c) suggest ways to improve research during future pandemics.
Who Can Participate?
We are looking for patients who took part in any type of research during the COVID-19 pandemic.
How to Participate
You will join a project with other patients from Europe who also participated in pandemic-related research. During the study you will complete a short survey about your background and the research you were involved in, join an online meeting to get to know each other and learn about the project, choose old pictures or take new ones that show your research experience during the pandemic, write about these pictures and your thoughts and attend two more meetings – one in small groups and one with all participants – to talk about the pictures and the stories they tell.
What’s Next?
We will create a photo exhibition to share your experiences with the public. You can decide if you want to display your pictures and whether to include your name. You can still participate even if you don’t want your pictures in the exhibition. We will also use what we have learned from your experiences to write an article with recommendations for handling future crises.
Would you like to participate?
You can sign up immediately by sending an email to