Another world is possible – Farewell to Dr Vasantha Muthuswamy

Prof. Doris Schroeder is the Co-ordinator of the TRUST and the PREPARED projects. She first met Dr Vasantha at a meeting in Delhi in 2008. They have been collaborating ever since.  Dr Nandini Kumar is the Vice-President of FERCI, and one of Dr Vasantha’s closest and most long-term colleagues.  In 2003, Indian author Arundhati Roy […]

Morality and balance — a review of “The COVID-19 Pandemic: Ethical Challenges and Considerations”

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many unanswered questions. As we try to make sense of it, Dr Orla Dummond, senior research analyst at Trilateral Research, reflects on a thought-provoking book considering key ethical questions.  The COVID-19 Pandemic: Ethical Challenges and Considerations edited by Eleftheria Egel and Cheryl Patton, successfully navigates issues of morality and balance which […]

A research funder navigates COVID-19: the good, the bad and the resilient

EDCTP Director discussing research in Africa

Dr Michael Makanga is the Executive Director of the EDCTP, an EU-African partnership that provides over €750 million in funding to clinical research to detect, treat and prevent poverty-related diseases in sub-Saharan Africa. He is a clinician-scientist from Uganda with 26 years of professional experience working on health and poverty-related diseases in sub-Saharan Africa.Hear him […]

Press Release

Man clapping

The PREPARED project launches with Horizon Europe funding The following statement summarises the launch and mission of the PREPARED project. Covid-19 put research to the ultimate test. In its wake are an abundance of lessons learned, cautionary tales and clear need for change. There will be more global crises, and more ethical dilemmas in the […]

PREPARED at UN University – Full report

smiling members of the PREPARED team

A dynamic, high-spirited Kick-off in Bonn, Germany September 2022 — Crisis, research and action were the themes of a dynamic kick-off meeting at the UN University in Bonn for PREPARED. Over three days, the PREPARED team gathered from across continents to share our passion for human rights, values and good research. Our work to create […]